Below are the 10 steps we take to find out exactly what is causing your symptoms and what needs to be done to get you back to optimum health. As a team we pride ourselves in providing thorough and up-to-date examinations, whilst caring for you as an individual. We are passionate about what we do and we use that passion to give you the very best experience

1. Making contact

You give us a call to book an appointment because you are suffering from a condition chiropractic may be able to help you with.

2. Arriving at the centre

We welcome you in and ask you to complete some paperwork (which you can download here and bring along to your appointment).  We make you comfortable with a cup of tea or coffee and show you around our clinic before you go through for your appointment

3. We take a full case history

Your Chiropractor will start your appointment by listening to you carefully about your present complaint and asking specific questions about the symptoms you are feeling. We will also go through your present and past medical history so you can gain maximum results from your care with us

4. We perform a full Chiropractic examination

We examine you from top to toe looking at your spine, joints, nerves and muscles to see exactly what is going on and where the root of your symptoms are

5. We study the findings

We give you advice to make you comfortable whilst we go away to spend time studying all of your findings.

6. We report back what we have found

At your next appointment we go through exactly what we have found and tell you what we can do to help you, how many sessions it is going to take to sort out the problem and how much it will all cost

7. We start your treatment plan

We use specific and gentle Chiropractic adjustments to help you along the road to recovery from pain to health

8. We monitor your improvements

Throughout your care we regularly reassess you and report back how well you are doing and what needs to be done to take you on to the next stage of your care to obtain optimum wellbeing and to prevent you from going back to square one

9. We maintain your improved health

When you are back on track we offer ongoing wellbeing care for those who want to not only keep the pain away but to be kept at their optimum health

10. It’s not just about pain

We offer ongoing nutritional, health and postural advice so we can get you to and keep you at your best!

If you would like to find out more about our services call us on 01803 315604

Alternatively you can read more depth in our blog

“As chairman of Torbay Athletic Club I first met Dipty when the Essential Chiropractic gave a presentation to the club on the benefits of using a chiropractor to treat and prevent sports injuries. As a veteran athlete with many miles behind me I always find that treatment at Essential Chiropractic is always professional, caring & friendly.”

Greg Fine, Running Co-ordinator at Prodirect Sport